Webinaria Ex Libris - wrzesień 2011

12 września 2011

Zapraszamy na webinaria firmy Ex Libris 20 września:

Low Maintenance, High Value: How Binghamton University Libraries Used Digital Preservation to Increase its Value on Campus:
Is end-to-end Digital Preservation here today? Does it require an army of staff to manage? Is it a library function or a central IT function? Answer these questions and more while hearing Edward Corrado tell the story of turning the Binghamton University Libraries into the university's identity and heritage storehouse.

Link do rejestracji: http://goo.gl/gnQgZ

Ex Libris Real-Time Cloud Services:

Cloud computing and services are at the peak of market awareness. They offer dramatic savings and more flexibility than ever, freeing staff to focus on their core mission.

Still, customers are struggling with key questions such as:

  • What should I look for when considering a cloud based solution? 

  • What are the different cloud services and how can I best leverage my cloud solution?

  • How much will it really save my institution?

Join us to hear about Ex Libris Cloud based services and how you can fast track your way to benefit from Ex Libris Cloud solutions.

Link do rejestracji: http://goo.gl/pULkn

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